Startup Studio

Founder, Inc. is a Startup Studio based in Sacramento, CA.

We are designers, developers, product managers and have built financial services companies, advertising, enterprise, and direct to consumer products for web and mobile. We're experienced operators ready to jump in, and start working on the next great idea.

Experienced Tech & Business Executives

A Platform for Success

We are your missing Co-founder

What we can contribute

Our goal is to avoid funding, and build revenue generating businesses within a structured, supportive environment.

Founder Academy becomes your Tech, Product and/or Design Co-founder. We build your ecommerce functionality, help with marketing & advertising, social media, setting up merchant accounts, bank accounts, accounting.

What we get

Founder, Inc. is a non-profit. We provide introductions to founders & entrepreneurs who can join your team. We do not broker deals, but generally founders take a percentage of the equity in your company and/or a percentage of your sales revenue going forward.

What we are looking for

Food & Beverages Companies

  • Direct to Consumer for CGP
  • Delivery & Logistics
  • Marketplaces