Welcome to Founder Academy. We are a Sacramento-based Silicon Valley inspired training and mentoring program for entrepreneurs. The Founder Academy is being launched by experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who are filling a critical need in the local ecosystem by providing training, tools and mentorship to Sacramento's best and brightest entrepreneurs.

20+ Local Mentors

12 Weeks

1 Successful Company

Together we’re building the startup ecosystem for the Greater Sacramento Region

Big Ideas + Hands On Training + Mentorship = Successful Entrepreneurs & Companies!


Learn By Doing in our 12-week, hands-on, mentor-driven training and launch program. The program consists of weekly evening sessions from 6:30pm till 8pm with networking afterwards. Classes are interactive and collaborative and will be lead by mentors who are successful business veterans who offer advice and share their experiences. The curriculum covers a broad range of topics from team building to intellectual property protection to exploring sources of capital. The Founder Academy will conduct three 12-week sessions per year.


More Like A Lab, Less Like A School

Learn how to succeed through our weekly structured, collaborative business-building sessions. You'll join like-minded entrepreneurs and experienced mentors in lively interactive classes over 12 weeks. It all leads up to Demo Day where you launch your business and present your prototype and plans to interested investors.

The Founder Academy training program is rigorously built using Silicon Valley best practices including specific content and learning exercises developed at MIT, Stanford, IDEO and Google Ventures.

As a Founder Academy graduate, you will have ongoing access to a network of legal, accounting, finance, marketing, design, development and sales expertise to accelerate the success of your businesses.

Week 1-3: Learn how to translate your passion into a long-term company. By using solid business fundamentals and testing as the basis of your success Founder Academy helps you launch (or re-launch) your business on solid footing.
Week 4: It’s time to pitch to the class, the mentors and co-directors. See how far you’ve come!
Week 5-7: Prepare an MVP working with the Marketing, Sales, Design and Development groups to get your idea in front of actual customers. Learn what to build and why!
Week 8: Present results from your tests and learn how to refine & move your business forward.
Week 9-11: Build out the product to launch and start to get valuable customer feedback. Refine and produce a plan for the next 1-5 years on how to execute and become the founder of a successful company.
Week 12: Present your product to the community – It’s launch day! This is where the real work starts!

Don't worry you will have a team of successful founders and mentors to help you along the way!


The Founder Academy fee structure is designed in such a way that all participants – from directors to mentors to classmates- are tied to each others success.

1. There is a program fee of $300, which will cover all of your class materials, facility costs, mentor travel expenses, and the application process. If you choose to withdraw from the cohort before the first review checkpoint, this fee is 100% refundable.

2. There is a Founder Academy membership fee of $5,000 that is only due after you achieve defined milestones in revenue or funding that Founder Academy helps secure for your company.

In this way, we are aligned with your success.

Founder Academy works with a shared equity model where each company assigns 5% of their company equity into a shared pool in the form of warrants based on the following formula:

Each mentor is eligible to participate in the Mentors’ Pool where 50% of the equity is assigned to mentors who participate in at least one class, hold at least one outside office hours in-person and via email and/or the Founder Academy Slack channel and attend Demo Day. The Founders and the Directors vote on each mentor’s allocation at the end of the cohort. Mentors who excel will earn more in the pool.

The Founder Academy Directors share in the remaining 50% of the overall pool.

The equity pool is not a cost, but rather an opportunity to engage with and learn from established mentors, investors and community leaders who are tied to your success.

As a Founder Academy graduate, you will receive:

1. Special at-cost incorporation and $2,000 of FREE legal services

2. Special no-cost tax and $1,000 of FREE accounting services for the first year

3. Special FREE Premium Business banking services

4. Special FREE marketing & design services up to $5,000

5. FREE electronic cap table management and stock issuance up to the first 10 entries

6. Introductions to financing for qualified graduates

7. Low-Cost closing fees on your first investment round for qualified graduates

8. Lifetime ongoing access to the academy's directors, mentors and other business resources

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